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Wild Soul FAQ

What is included with the Wild Soul Weight Loss Challenge Program?

~6 weeks

~Custom Meal Plan with seasonal favorite recipes

~Grocery List done for you!

~Tips and Tricks to keep you motivated and on track!

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How long is the program?

The Wild Soul Weight Loss Challenge Online Program is a self-paced online learning experience which is offered in 6 week seasonal challenges. You move at your own pace while still enjoying the group experience through a private, online Facebook page.  Questions? Email your questions here.

What is the time commitment to participate in the program?

Life can be busy and hectic! With that in mind, Wild Soul is completely online and self-paced. Each new challenge begins seasonally. The program is designed to accommodate each woman individually. Move at your own pace through the program-this increases your chances of success. Whether you are ready to jump in and get started fully or you are simply ready to change just one thing, then you are ready to get started!

If Wild Soul is NOT a diet, what is it?

Wild Soul is a healing weight loss program. It is not a diet but it does provide you with a custom meal plan. This is merely a blueprint to get you thinking about WHY you eat so you can start thinking about HOW to eat that works for YOU. There are not a list of rules and regulations. You will discover your unique relationship with food and how it impacts your weight. Wild Soul is a lifestyle program. Weight is seldom only about what you are eating. Most diets focus only on what you are eating and that is why they ultimately fail. 

It is so important to look at more than what you eat in order to help you achieve body, life and health that you are dreaming of. 

Wild Soul is a program that addresses self-care, mindful eating practices, self-love, healing movement and much more!  It's the beginning of a beautiful journey-to a healthier, happier YOU. 

What's the difference between Wild Soul and Private Health Coaching?

Wild Soul is offered in online seasonal challenges.  Too many women struggle with weight loss, poor self-image, and the resulting shame that goes with it. Wild Soul brings you out of the dark and let's you see the light.

Private, one-one Weight Loss Coaching with Wild Soul Master Coach Jenny Keffer can accompany the Wild Soul online program or you can simply use the online program by itself-it is an entire program. Some women find that private coaching gives them an "extra" edge that they need to be successful. It really depends on you, your goals, and honestly, what your challenges are. 

What type of support do I receive during the program?

For participants in the online Wild Soul Program, you will have the opportunity to participate in the Wild Soul Facebook Forum where you will be able to ask questions and interact with Wild Soul Creator and Coach, Jenny Keffer.

When is Wild Soul Offered?

Wild Soul is offered seasonally in an online program which is awesome, as it allows you to work on your timeline. The program is self-paced so it works with you and meets you where you are, right now. You decide when and where to begin. 

When is payment due?

Payment is due when you register for the online program. 

What is the REFUND POLICY?

Refunds are available within 24 HOURS of purchasing the program. After that, refunds are not available. 

Can I share the program with a friend?

No. All program and coaching materials are copyrighted and are intended for registered participants only. Sharing materials constitutes stealing. 

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