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Super Spa Girl, LLC

Your Weight Loss Journey Begins Here...

Specializing in Customized Weight Loss Solutions for Women

Before we do anything else, let me ask you to stop, take a deep breath and let's see if you are ready, willing, and able for this journey. Before I accept anyone as new client, I like to tell you about what is involved in working with me. I am completely transparent about my pricing, what I do, and what I do NOT do. 

First of all, I am NOT a doctor. I will not be diagnosing you. I will not be prescribing you with anything. I am not a replacement for proper medical treatment. That said, I am a valuable resource. Part of my job is to connect you to the right people (when necessary) for your highest level of success and health. 

I work with women who are READY, ABLE, and WILLING to take this journey. That means that I come alongside you in this journey but YOU are the most important part of this team. YOU are the star player. I help make things work for you but I CANNOT do this for you. I do NOT work with women who aren't ready. 

The first step to working with me is to see if we are a good fit. We do that by scheduling a 15-20 minute screening call. You can tell me a bit about you and I will tell you about what I do and how I work. Then we can decide if we want to work together. 


Weight Loss is a JOURNEY.  To ensure your success, I offer PACKAGES, not sessions. In my experience, packages are a commitment to making a lasting change and I have seen the most success with clients who invest in a package. I understand that not everyone is starting in the same place so I offer 3 packages that you may select from. 

Package One

4 weeks

~Initial Consultation 75-90 Minutes

~3 additional weekly sessions (30-45 minutes each)


Package TWO

8 weeks

~Initial Consultation 75-90 Minutes

~7 additional weekly sessions (30-45 minutes each)


Package THREE

12 weeks

~Initial Consultation 75-90 Minutes

~11 additional weekly sessions (30-45 minutes each)


What if I can't make it one week? 

I am available to schedule in-person OR virtual sessions so you NEVER have to miss a session. This is a serious investment and a commitment. Once we have both agreed to work together, we will schedule all of your sessions so that we each know where and when we will meet. 

Are You Ready to Begin Your Weight Loss Journey?

Schedule a Call With Jenny @ 724-205-6387

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