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Massage Greensburg

Super Spa Girl, LLC

May Specials

Massage Membership


Your First Month is ONLY $49

Tell me more!

First Time Client Special Offer

3 Massages in 30 Days for $147

Have you FELT what regular massage can do for you?

After 18 years in active practice as a massage therapist, one thing I know for certain- REGULAR massage is the absolute key to getting the most from your sessions. Yet, so many people look at massage as a "treat" rather than a necessity. Your body is AMAZING but it does need a little love from you now and again in order for it to shine.

SO- I want to introduce you to an amazing package to jump start your massage practice. That's right- your massage practice. Massage isn't something you do once in awhile. It is an investment in your body and, dare I say it- your SANITY. Trust me on this- I have 6 kids, two businesses, and a household to run. Massage is a huge part of my life. Why? Because I LOVE my body and I didn't always so it's important to take care of #1, know what I mean?

For ALL FIRST TIME GUESTS, I am going to give you the gift of enjoying our "3 for 30" program. I invite you to enjoy 3 massages (60-Minutes) in 30 days for $147.

WHY? Because I know that if you do this, you will genuinely FEEL how amazing your body can be with regular massage sessions.

How does it work?

~Sign up and pay $147

~Schedule 3 massages (60-Minutes) in the next 30 days

What if I want a longer massage?

You rock! That's awesome and totally doable. For 90-Minutes, just add $20 for each massage. For 120-Minutes, add $45 to each massage.

What if I don't use the 3 massages in 30 days?

Bummer. But no worries. The amount you paid ($147) is always yours to use. No refunds but the amount remains as a credit on your account to apply to all regular services. The promo value is no longer valid though :(

How do I get started?

Super simple-schedule an appointment. When you come in for your session, simply let us know you're on board. You pay $147 and you have 30 days to receive 2 more massages!

The fine print-no sharing, no gift certificates, no combos with other offers- you know the drill