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Super Spa Girl, LLC


Spa Rituals

Do you need an escape? A few moments that are completely your own? Want to forget about it all for a couple of hours?

Our Spa Rituals are a one of a kind spa experience that allows you to enjoy multiple spa amenities in one visit.

Upon arrival, you will change into a spa robe and slippers. Then your experience continues with a combination of services, designed for your needs for the day.

After your services are complete, cozy up in our Serenity Room, a peaceful relaxation area and enjoy one of our complimentary beverages. 

This spa experience is sure to leave you feeling completely relaxed.

Spa and Body Rituals

Our body rituals are designed to be an entire experience. We encourage guests to slow down and take time to truly enjoy their services by planning to relax between sessions in our relaxation room, Serenity. With this in mind, all of our body rituals are scheduled with time in between services to enhance your time with us.

All guests are treated to our complimentary beverage service and our peaceful relaxation room, Serenity.

30-Minute Massage

30-Minute Sauna

30-Minute Facial Spa Massage


60-Minute Massage

45-Minute Body Polish

30-Minute Sauna Session


45-Minute Sole Soak

Exfoliating Foot Scrub

60-Minute Botanical Reflexology

Eco-fin Foot Wrap


90-Minute Massage

45-Minute Body Wrap

45-Minute Sole Soak


45-Minute Body Polish

30-Minute Sauna Session

45-Minute Sole Soak


90-Minute Massage

Full Body Polish

Full Body Wrap

Spa Facial Massage

30-Minute Sauna Session

45-Minute Sole Soak

Charcuterie Board