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Creative and Holistic space


 Sole Soaks

Enjoy a Mini-Spa day in Latrobe

Escape the world with one of our soon to be famous "Sole Soaks." This treat for your feet is curated with the best ingredients: nourishing clays, revitalizing milks, essential oils, herbs, salts, dried flowers, teas, and more. 

Upon arriving for your soak, you will be given a warm neck wrap and escorted to our soaking room. If you haven't already, you will be asked to select a soak based on your current mood and needs. Once you nestle into one of our cozy chairs, we will begin to build your soak. 

We begin with a large soaking bowl. To this we add giant hot stones and a unique blend of botanicals, based on the soak selected. Once you are on your way to total relaxation, we provide a menu of complimentary teas that you may select from to enjoy during your soak. 

Next? Nothing. Simply relax into your soak, swirl your feet, calm your mind, and take a nice, deep breath. Perfect relaxation. 

All soaks are $35 for 45-minutes. 

Tandem soaks are available. 

Please see below for our current selection of soaks to enjoy. 

Schedule Your Soak

Schedule Your Soak